Telus targets the LGBTQ set – Metro US

Telus targets the LGBTQ set

A new cellphone store near Davie Village aimed at Vancouver’s queer community is garnering divided reactions after opening its doors last week.

Its name is Caya — come as you are — and it’s been designed by, and for, members of the LGBTQ community.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Amanda Langstroth.

“It brings more awareness to people and businesses; just because we’re … part of the queer community, that doesn’t mean that we don’t (behave) just like everybody else.”

But not everyone in the LGBTQ community is in agreement.

“The queer community works so hard just to be included and seen as the norm,” said Jen Cole.

“I feel like this is (singling out those in the community), we’re not doing it on our own.”

Kenn Hamlin, special projects director for Telus, the company behind Caya, said the LGBTQ community — both within and outside the company — welcomes a store that has the community’s interests at heart.

Caya, and what it stands for, extends the company’s philosophy of diversity, said Hamlin, who added that Telus has offered same-sex benefits to its employees for over 15 years.

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