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Temple, it turns out, is everywhere

One of the best bargains around for people who want to study abroad is available to Pennsylvania residents. Tuition at one of Temple University’s international campuses — in Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, or London — is the same that you’d pay in Philly.

Eighty-five percent of Temple students who go abroad either go one of the Temple campuses or participate in a short-term program led by a Temple faculty member, according to Denise Connerty, assistant vice president for international affairs at Temple.

“It not only makes financial sense, but it’s the easiest in terms of logistics,” Connerty says. Many students find it reassuring to know that a whole support system will be available to them.

The combination of convenience and cost means that, despite the tough economy, many Temple students can go overseas for a full semester, not just for a short-term program. “We send more students for a full semester than is true nationally,” Connerty reports.

Even with affordable tuition, though, there are significant costs involved. Obviously, airfare to Tokyo runs a bit more than a semester pass on SEPTA. Housing and meals also need to be budgeted for.

“Don’t assume you can’t afford it, though,” urges Connerty. “The experience is invaluable, and we’re here to make it available to as many people as possible.”

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