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Ten years ago, Britney Spears shaved her head


If Britney Spears survived 2007, then you can get through a Trump presidency.

Feb. 16 marked 10 years since the day Britney shaved her head at Tarzana, Calif. salon, followed by a downward spiral that gave the paparazzi a field day — or rather, year.

Since then, however, Spears has only flourished. From her 2009 Circus Tour to reclaiming partial custody of her two sons, Spears does not stutter at the chance for success.

Last year, she accepted the 2016 Billboard Millennium Award — an award previously won by queens like Beyoncé and the late Whitney Houston — following the release of “Glory,” her ninth studio album. The 35-year-old now continues her success spree in Las Vegas where she holds a two-year $35 million Planet Hollywood residency deal.

And perhaps best of all: “Britney Ever After,” a semi-dramatized (maybe) biopic starring Natasha Bassett, which follows the early career and downfall of Spears. It premieres tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. (The Spears team is not totally down with the film, but that’s another story.)

Even though 2007 was tragic for all to watch, we can’t help but thank Brit for giving us one of the most memorable memes of our generation. And remember: if she could rise up even better than before after such a fall from grace, then we can certainly survive whatever 2017 may hold.

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