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Test your ‘Twilight’ knowledge

1. For their honeymoon in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1,” Edward takes Bella to Isle Esme. What is the real name of the closest Brazilian town where the scenes were filmed?

A) Ilhabela, Ilha de Sao Sebastiao in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo

B) Paraty, Costa Verde in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro

C) Breves in the Brazilian state of Para

D) Sao Jose de Ribamar, Sao Luís Island in the Brazilian state of Maranhao

2. Carolina Herrera designed Bella’s wedding dress for the movie. How many buttons are on the back of the dress from the top to the hemline?

A) 107

B) 235

C) 730

D) 152

3. Who was Stephenie Meyer’s first choice to play Edward Cullen?

A) Henry Cavill

B) Ryan Gosling

C) Chase Crawford

D) Zac Efron

4. What is the name of the beer that Charlie drinks in “Twilight”?

A) Rainier Beer

B) Pike Beer

C) Pyramid Ale

D) Red Hook Pilsner

5. What are the main differences between the Cullen family crest in the movie and the Cullen Coat of Arms in real life?

A) There’s a lion and no sheaf of wheat on the movie crest.

B) There’s a lion and no sword on the movie crest.

C) There’s a lion and a lamb on the movie crest.

D) There’s a lion and a fleur de lis on the movie crest.

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1: B; 2: D; 3:A; 4:A; 5:A

0 questions right: You call yourself a fan!?

1-2 questions right: You might have intimate vampire knowledge, but don’t expect to join the Cullen family anytime soon.

3-4 questions: It’s time to get out of the movie theater and into the great outdoors. You’re starting to sparkle in the sun.

5 questions: Scarier than the Volturi, you are.

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