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Thanks for nothing, Kashi: Cereal company caught in GMO controversy; backlash ensues

Anyone who has watched documentaries such as “Food Inc.” knows that we can never really trust where our food comes from. When a company boasts “natural” and “organic” foods, though, we’d like to think we’re making healthy choices. Think again, readers.

Kashi, the cereal brand that prides itself in natural health and healthy eating, is in hot water after it was revealed that the soy used in its cereal is Genetically Modified and tested positive for pesticides.

So all those mornings you woke up and thought you were having a healthy breakfast were all lies (maybe, if you believe in such things).

A photo taken from The Green Grocer, a natural and health food store in Portsmouth, R.I., has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

The photo is of a sign hanging on the shelf and reads:

“You might be wondering where your favorite Kashi cereals have gone. It has recently come to our attention that 100% of the soy used in Kashi is Genetically Modified and that when the USDA tested the grains used there were found to be pesticides that are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors.”

Even though the sign was posted earlier this year, it has just kicked up a storm online recently with an onslaught of criticism and comments directed at Kashi’s Facebook page.

Kashi responded with a post on their website stating they are working with the Non-GMO Project to verify their products.

“We’re excited to share an update on our work with the Non-GMO Project, North America’s only third-party verifier of non-GMO foods. Seven of our foods are now officially Non-GMO Project Verified including Autumn Wheat, Cinnamon Harvest, Island Vanilla, Strawberry Fields, 7 Whole Grain Flakes, 7 Whole Grain Puffs and 7 Whole Grain Pilaf. This is the first step in our phased approach, and we’re committed to this journey! Check out our product pages at Kashi.com or search for Kashi at www.nongmoproject.org for updates as we continue to verify our foods.”

Seven of the foods?! Who are you trying to fool, Kashi? With more than 84 products, Kashi consumers are upset. And what do people do when they’re upset? They vent about it on social media, of course.

Kashi’s Facebook page has been taken over comments like “I will never buy Kashi again,” and ‘Shame on you!”

Some users went as far as to say, “Kashi…Let’s make everyday a truth day! Thank you for the poisons. And the lies” as well as “Tell your CEO’s if they ever meet me they had better keep there occupation a secret.. WE know they’re good at it ;)”

If there’s one thing to take away from this fiasco it’s that social media users will call you out on deception and unsound practices. Take note, food companies, everyone’s on to you.

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