Thanksgiving hazards for pets – Metro US

Thanksgiving hazards for pets

Thanksgiving hazards for pets

Thanksgiving — it can be dangerous for animals, and we’re not just talking about turkeys.

So says Dr. Kenneth Drobatz, Chief of the Emergency Service at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital, who advises dog owners against the impulse to share scraps with Fido.

“They don’t tolerate dietary changes the way humans do,” Drobatz said.

A heaping helping of table scraps could give dogs diarrhea, lead to vomiting, or in very rare instances, lead to pancreatitis, a painful inflammation of the pancreas that can be life threatening.

Drobatz said it’s a problem they see regularly.

Less common, but probably more well known, are problems related to eating turkey bones.

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Drobatz said the emergency room doesn’t see much of this type of problem, mostly because people are aware of the danger chicken bones present to pets.

When dogs eat them, they can break into shards, leading to cuts and punctures of the esophogus.

Grapes and raisins — sometimes they are in stuffing — can lead to kidney failure in dogs.

Felines are a bit safer around the holidays, but they aren’t out of the woods.

People sometimes bring in outdoor plants this time of year, or used flowers for table displays.

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Some plants — especially lillies can be toxic to cats.

Drobatz said cats can be discriminating in what they eat. They may not go after table scraps, but lots of people could be surprised to learn that they nibble on plants every once in a while.

Drobatz’s advice for letting pets share in the festivities?

Buy them pet treats.