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That Brooklyn pog shop is mocking your ’90s nostalgia


In what is almost certainly a dig at the ongoing campaign to make the 2010s into the 1990s, a shop called Brooklyn Pogs could be coming soon.

“Could be” because the whole thing seems a bit shady. One of the biggest red flags is that the store’s location isn’t listed on the website, only that it’s “in the cultural heart of New York — Williamsburg, Brooklyn.” Which is… subjective.

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The store will buy, sell and trade pogs, and people who did more than collect the circular paper and metal discs can also play them. And what retro spot would be complete without a cereal bar — $5.99 per bowl — and a liquor license is (allegedly) pending. Screenings of ‘90s sitcoms like “Step by Step” and an ‘80s Karaoke Night have also been announced.

But let’s all not rush to our parents’ attic until someone connected with the store says this line from the website’s description with a straight face: “Besides acting as a cultural gateway to the 90s, many pogs have genuine artistic merit.”

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Whether it’s a hoax or yet another way to relieve the best decade in recent memory, all will be revealed at the Aug. 31 launch party, with food, drinks, ‘90s music and a pog tournament.

Look, like ’90s nerd fantasy fodder Fox Mulder, we want to believe. There’s room in this city for a cereal cafe in Times Square and not one but two mustard boutiques. But the only drive stronger than reliving our childhoods is mocking other people for doing the same, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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