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The $175 secret burger is ready to boogie for New Year’s Eve

Did you wake up this morning and thinks — man, I’m going to treat myself to one extravagantly expensive and indulgent burger tonight?

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, so you probably should have. And lucky you, Harvard Square’s Alden & Harlow is introducing a super, super extra version of their beloved Secret Burger for New Year’s Eve.

you’re welcome.

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Owner Michael Scelfo posted his plans to release the “baller” burger on Instagram yesterday, noting its $175 and first-come-first-serve nature. On said burger? A5 Kobe tartare, shaved white truffles, seared foie, Wisconsin’s Rush Creek Reserve cheese and a yolk-y pullet egg — meaningit came from a hen younger than a year old. A spring chicken, you could say.

Alden & Harlow’s “Secret Burger” — which isn’t very good at being secret, as it’s printed on the menu — is $16 and also available in limited quanities each evening. It, too, is a “baller” burger, painstakingly made with secret sauce, a Cabot Cheese Tuile and an 8-ouncebrisket-short rib-beef platepatty. Most nights it will sell outbefore dinner service even gets kicking. Those are sad nights.

A photo posted by Michael Scelfo (@mscelfo) on

The $175 version is only available tonight — and comes with a glass of Jacquesson Cuvee 736 Champagne and housemade chips and pickles.


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