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The 9 craziest reality TV show moments from 2016 so far

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Reality TV is a crazy place and like a trainwreck, people can’t help but watch. After all these years of having the genre dominate the television landscape, boundaries are still getting pushed and cameras are still capturing the less wholesome side of human behavior. From physical altercations between contestants on “Sex Talk” to breast implant allegations on “Big Brother,” you haven’t seen nothing until you’ve watched the nine craziest reality TV moments from 2016.

Wags Interference

On the Aug. 14 episode of WAGS, Tia invites Larry English’s ex-girlfriend Metisha to dinner with his current girlfriend, Nicole Williams. If the ladies wanted a chill meal together, this was definitely not the night for it. Yikes!

Drita vs. Karen

During season 6 of “Mob Wives,” things get violently physical between Drita D’Avanzo and Karen Gravano on set. The flurry of expletives shouted here is pretty glorious, too.

Ben says goodbye to JoJo

On the season 20 finale of “The Bachelor,” Ben tells JoJo he loves her, but that he loves someone else more. Watch the painful moment below.

Paulie calls Natalie’s breasts fake

On “Big Brother 18,” there is a jerk of epic proportions in the house named Paulie. In this scene, he rips into another contestant on the show, Natalie, for having fake breasts. Does he have to work at being this unlikable?

Chad goes after Evan

On “The Bachelorette,” Chad Johnson was getting physically aggressive with his fellow competitors. In this clip, he goes after Evan after nursing a bloody knuckle from punching a door. Crazy!

The claws some out on “WAGS”…again!

Can the ladies of “WAGS” ever have a meal in peace? In this clip, Tia is stirring the pot again — this time with Sasha. Perhaps the rest of the women should take their food to go and leave the drama behind.

Kim Kardashian takes down Taylor Swift

Remember this summer on the July 17 episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” when Kim took down Taylor Swift? She exposed the popstar for lying that Kanye got permission for his song “Famous.”

The ghostly episode of “Catfish”

Courtney tells Kayla that she’s been channeling her dead father’s spirit.

Protesters storm Ryan Lochte’s performance

On “Dancing with the Stars” in September, Ryan Lochte’s routine was interrupted by protesters.

Did we miss any? Check out our gallery above of the reality stars featured in this article.

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