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The app that makes staying on a budget easy

Unlike some finance apps, Level keeps things simple. Unlike some finance apps, Level Money keeps things simple.

If saving money is on your New Year’s resolution list but keeping a dreaded spending diary doesn’t sound doable, there’s now an app for that. Level Money, a free app for Android and iPhone, makes staying on track pretty simple.

Like many money management apps, it’s connected to your bank account and recurring expenses, like your cable and energy bills. You can also add in other upcoming expenses you have, plus how much you want to add to your savings account on a regular basis. Then, the app will calculate what you’re “allowed” to spend to stay within your means. And, serving as a financial adviser, it will send alerts to keep you on track.

The app’s visuals make it easy to see how much money you have left over to spend by the week and by the month. If you’re serious about saving money this year, trying out this app is a good first step.

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