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The best lines from Oprah’s ex-stepmother’s Daily Mail interview

Watch out, Oprah.
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Oprah’s ex-stepmother, Barbara Winfrey, is out for revenge. After divorcing from Oprah’s father, Vernon, Oprah pushed Barbara out of the house where she lived with Vernon and which Oprah owned. Now Barbara is retaliating by dishing all in a Daily Mail interview. Here are the best bits:

1. She claims she has never seen Oprah and her longterm boyfriend, Stedman Graham, kiss, hold hands, or seem romantic.

2. “If it’s not more than friendship, they’re giving every appearance that it is,” she said about the close friendship of Oprah and Gayle King.

3.Oprah is obsessed with skin color. “It’s a real thing for her. It’s one of the things she liked about Stedman. He has what we call ‘high yellow’ skin and soft hair … she liked that.”

4. Oprah forces everyone to sign a confidentiality agreement. “Once you’re in Oprah’s world, she owns you,” she noted.

5. There are rumors that Vernon is not Winfrey’s biological father. Barbara claims he wanted to do the DNA test but Oprah refused. “She knows it would prove he IS her father. She can’t quite believe that such a silly man could make such a magnificent creature,” she said.

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