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The best lobster roll in Boston that you can get delivered

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People are funny. They say they want one thing and do another, kind of like how if people see a salad offered as a side option on a menu, they’re more likely to order fries because they feel sort of virtuous for even considering the salad. (Yeah, it’s science, guys. They have you figured out.) That’s how we know that even your friend who claims the best lobster roll in Boston could never be delivered orders them to their door online.

And that’s a great thing. After all, what good is the best lobster roll in Boston if you can’t eat it when you’re really craving it, even if that time happens to overlap with when you’re an hour deep into a serious streaming session of you favorite TV show? That’s where Grubhub comes in, and they say your cravings can be satisfied quickly (and deliciously) without leaving the comfort of your cozy cave.

That’s why Metro teamed up with Grubhub to find the best lobster roll in Boston that you can get delivered through their food delivery platform. And we’re not messing around. They combed through their data, ratings and reviews to find out who lived up to the title. You see, it’s not good enough to just have a good lobster roll. No, these restaurants had to also show that their rolls are road tested: They need to travel and get to your door still perfectly delicious.

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So what are you waiting for? Make sure you have the Grubhub app and then get ordering — you’ll see that seafood can be done right through delivery.

The best lobster roll in Boston on Grubhub

They’ve got the butter, they’ve nailed the bread — we’ll cut to the chase — they have a handle on every component you expect from the best lobster roll in Boston. Plus, they earned top marks for speed of delivery and how well the food held up during the delivery.

Maine Lobster Roll from Joe’s American Bar and Grill

181 Newbury Street
Boston, MA
See their menu

Other than the luscious lemon-chive mayo, diners praised the food for being “tasty and simple” — as in, they know not to overwork the classics. Bonus points for having “amazing bread” that customers raved about.


Runners up for the best lobster roll in Boston on Grubhub

Never fear if Joe’s isn’t in your delivery zone. We asked Grubhub to pull even more places — but only the ones that got close to unseating Joe’s as top dog of the lobster roll game — so that everyone could have a go-to for getting their buttery lobster fix.

Lobster Roll from Bennett’s Sandwich Shop

84 Peterborough Street
Boston, MA
See their menu

If your motto for this type of meal is “bring on the knuckle and claw meat,” then meet your new go-to restaurant for a lobster roll. Past diners say the lobster roll is “so good” and that the shop as a whole boasts “amazing bread.” Overall the consensus is that it’s an “awesome place with great food!” Consider us sold.


Lobster Roll from Pauli’s

65 Salem Street
Boston, MA
See their menu

There are three ways to get your fix of that sweet and tender lobster meat if you’re ordering from Pauli’s: a lobster roll, an even bigger lobster roll and a generous helping of avocado lobster salad that you can spread on just about anything. One of each for us, please.



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Lobster Roll from Luke’s Lobster

75 Exeter Street
Boston, MA
See their menu

OK, let’s just agree to call this the best lobster roll in Boston for the true lobster lovers. After all, there’s nothing better than upgrading your lobster roll with a side of chilled lobster tail and warm butter for dunking. Alright alright, there is something better: a double order…for one. Like lobster but not enough to double down? Try out the trio. You’ll get three rolls, each of which features a different kind of seafood: lobster, crab or shrimp.


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