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The Beyonce song that’s too raunchy for her mom

Beyonce Knowles.  Credit: Getty Images Beyonce Knowles.
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Maybe all pop stars should be orphans. Orphans, as we know from Broadway musicals, are great at singing and dancing, and they will be free to become international sex symbols without straining their relationships with their moms, which is apparently a problem that Beyonce faces.

Queen B always straddles a line between sex symbol and quasi-feminist first lady of pop – and though she does so gracefully, apparently even she gets uncomfortable sometimes. Case in point: Her new song “Partition,” which includes raunchy lyrics like “Driver roll up the partition please, I don’t need you seeing ‘yoncé on her knees.”

“I was so embarrassed after I recorded the song because I’m just talking s–––,” Beyonce says in her YouTube documentary “Liberation.” “I’m like, ‘I can’t play this for my husband!’ I still haven’t played it for my mom. She’s going to be very mad at me.”

However worried she was about her mom’s reaction, it was important to B not to shy away from that side of her personality – particularly since she’d just become a mother herself. “In my real life I was this woman, this mother, trying to get my focus and my dreams and myself back,” she says. “And recording this album was such an outlet for me to kind of escape, and create whatever world and fantasy for me that definitely at the time was not happening.”

“You can have a child, and you can still have fun, and still be sexy,” she added.

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