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The biggest lesson Maisie Williams will take away from ‘Game Of Thrones’

Maisie Williams as Arya

When Game Of Thrones comes to an end in just over a year’s time most fans are going to instantly become blue.

But spare a thought for the cast of “Game Of Thrones,” especially the younger ones, who have spent their formative years working on all eight seasons of the show. One such actor is Maisie Williams, who debuted as Arya back in 2011 when she was just 13-years-old.

Williams has already made inroads into the next part of her career. This time next year she will debut as Wolfspane in the “X-Men” spin-off “New Mutants,” while you can now hear her vocal efforts in the Aardman animation “Early Man.”

I recently had the opportunity to discuss “Early Man” with Maisie Williams over the phone, during which time we also touched upon the upcoming final season of “Game Of Thrones” and the tense relationship between Arya and Sansa last year.

But with the end of “Game Of Thrones” firmly in sight I also wanted to know the biggest lesson that the now 20-year-old Maisie Williams is going to take away from the show.  

When I asked Williams this question she responded. “I have watched a lot of the older cast members go through this industry and although I was there with them, it has been nice to see how other people have dealt with it and root for them.”

“You see what the good things are and the bad things are about the world that we live in. I just need to try and weave my way through it in my own way.”

“But it is a really strange world that we find ourselves in sometimes. After the show I just kind of want to live as normal a life as possible.”

“Although the red carpets and awards season is very exciting, I think it is important to remember that isn’t everyday life and come back to reality. After the show I think I am just looking forward to having a bit of time to live my life and not always be working and not always be living this strange life.”

Maisie Williams has the small matter of the eighth and final season of “Game Of Thrones” to deal with before then, though, which won’t hit screens until some point in 2019.

Before then make sure to check out Maisie Williams’ turn in “Early Man,” which is now in cinemas.