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The Charles Bar opens alongside new school

SFU’s school of contemporary arts at Woodwards has just kicked off its first year of school.

And just in time, The Charles Bar has opened to soak up thirsty students.

For a building that’s been sold as an experimental mix of social housing, artistic space and residences, The Charles Bar is surprisingly conformist.

The decor is in tune with upscale chain sports bars and in that sense, they’re unique to the neighbourhood.

Tapas rules apply: order plenty and share. Flatbread with beef shortrib ($12) tastes almost as good as it smells. The baking time has dried out the ribs.

There’s a large fries selection, but the topping on the truffle gremolata fries ($7) is dry and grainy. You either get too much of the very salty gremolata or none at all.

Best part of the meal? Pulled pork tacos ($9) with corn tortillas. They’re flavourful and moist with lightly pickled cucumbers and onions on top.

The menu is at least somewhat inventive if not always successful. Time will tell how the locals take to the latest addition.