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The Cheat Sheet: Farmville, Mad Men, Bedbugs

In today’s assorted news: Farmville-obsessed mom allegedly kills her baby, Mad Men gets meta, and a new group has declared war on the bedbug… the cockroaches.

Dear god, what have we become? A mother has been charged in the death of her 3-month-old baby after becoming angry he was crying during her game of Farmville. Yes, really.

One of the plot threads in the most recent season of Mad Men was Roger Sterling writing his vanity memoir, Sterling’s Gold. Now, you can actually read the fictional character’s drivel; indie press Grove/Atlantic is publishing it in its entirety. Only question: Did Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner ghost-write Sterling’s Gold? Read an excerpt here.

Lest we forget about other creepy-crawly pests while the bedbug becomes the star of the world’s front-page headlines… satirists at The Onion report that the cockroaches, silverfish, rats, centipedes and maggots of the world are mounting a counter-attack on the spotlight-stealing, bloodsucking pest. Watch your back, bedbug!

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