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The Cheat Sheet: Obama and Keynes, The Walking Dead, and the best GIFs ever

Technically Halloween’s over, but for zombie fans, the season’s just begun, with the start of The Walking Dead, AMC’s new TV series about the zombie apocalypse. And the fans are rabid for it — check out this jaw-droppingly slick opening credits scene that fan Daniel Kanemoto created (pulling imagery from the comic book the show is based on). Who said fan tributes are amateurish and lame?

Sometimes, words aren’t enough on the Internet. That’s when you need an animated GIF. And that’s when you need jezebel.com’s complete guide to totally awesome animated GIFs, for all your flamewars, message board arguments and snarky blogging needs. In advance, we say: You’re welcome.

So Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity happened this past weekend. From north of the border, it’s nice to see some people still have their heads screwed on right (or is that left?) — but no matter where someone is on the political spectrum, he or she can still be a dummy. Case in point: This video, in which Ralliers for Sanity miss the point entirely when it comes to a very tongue-in-cheek sign about Obama’s economic views (and birthplace). If you don’t know who Keynes is… well, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Bonus read: Despite all the handwringing and so-called “political revolution” happening in the States, some folks think that the more things change, the more they stay the same — including one researcher, who says there’s been no change whatsoever to the U.S. political landscape in the last 25 years. Huh. Puts today’s elections in perspective.

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