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The Cheat Sheet: Russell Williams, sexy Glee, the best Halloween costumes ever

There’s no shortage of lurid reportage on the Russell Williams case (this paper/website included), but it’s hard not to read — there’s never been a case like this in Canadian history. The panty obsession and the sick sexual undertones make for equally lurid headlines, but some bloggers hope the media will keep things in perspective.

Sabina Becker at News of the Restless wants the media to reframe the discussion about his sexuality, and offers up this great essay. She says his psychopathy manifested itself in sexual ways, not that he’s a “sexual fetishist gone off the deep end.” A must-read for anyone who seeks to understand Williams’ motives.

If its subtle satire and sometimes serious subject matter didn’t give it away, the folks at TV series Glee want to make clear they’re not making High School Musical, Part 2. What better way to show it’s a Disney-free zone than by putting your leading ladies and lad in a scandalous photoshoot for a men’s mag, shot by a fashion photographer who’s been wrapped up in a sex scandal or two of his own? That’s just what Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron (Rachel, Finn and Quinn of Glee, respectively) did, and now parents of young viewers and advocacy groups are pouring slushie all over their sexy photos.

We have just two thoughts: Glee’s not all that appropriate for young kids anyway (there’s some heavy stuff between the singing and dancing, what with the coming-outs and dads nearly dying and the pregnancies); and where are they getting copies of GQ with which to ogle twenty-something-year-old celebrities?

Bonus read: Agron responds on her blog, basically saying as much.

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