The Cheat Sheet: The best from the Twittersphere – Metro US

The Cheat Sheet: The best from the Twittersphere

Sometimes the quirkiest, and therefore most readable, news is the stuff Twitterfolk dig up. As determined by popularity, here are the day’s top stories:

  • In Toronto, most people woke up perplexed to discover the busiest stretch of Yonge Street downtown was to be shut down to celebrate… the Toronto Maple Leafs? In theory, the habitually underperforming (and that’s a polite way of putting it) NHL team should win a Stanley Cup before pulling out the celebratory stops, but don’t let logic get in the way of a great street party.
  • CNN talking head Lou Dobbs, who pushes people’s buttons by railing against illegal immigrants in the U.S., is the subject of an expose in The Nation. The (alleged) truth is predictable enough: the man hires illegal immigrants!
  • The Double Down is coming! The Double Down is coming! After months of simultaneous cringing and curiosity, the heart attack-inducing KFC sandwich will finally be made available in Canada on Monday, Oct. 18 (mark your calendars!). For the unfamiliar, it’s a “sandwich” that consists of molten cheese and bacon between two pieces of fried chicken breast. No bun.

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