The Cheat Sheet: The Tea Party - Metro US

The Cheat Sheet: The Tea Party

From across the border, it’s easy to observe, sneer, or gape at the goings-on of the American political system. The Tea Party, a leaderless grassroots movement that decries wasteful spending and big government, can seem cartoonishly singular in its political aims, but they’re gaining real traction — making real contenders out of their candidates for office in this fall’s elections. Here’s the best reads about the Tea Party.

  1. The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente followed Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin around the States, and paints a fascinating tableau of what’s up in Wasilla and in the heartlands.
  2. The other half of the Tea Party’s de facto leadership is Glenn Beck, Fox News talking head. In the New York Times, read this fascinating (if long) look at Beck’s political rationale and checkered past. ‘Cause, y’know, he wasn’t always into politics. He used to be an obnoxious morning radio jockey, too.
  3. Lots can be said about what the movement means for the U.S., but it’s also influencing Canadian politic, too. About 19 per cent of voters would join a Canadian-style Tea Party, says a new poll.

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