The debates are stressing us out, so let’s all play bingo – Metro US

The debates are stressing us out, so let’s all play bingo

The debates are stressing us out, so let’s all play bingo

The second presidential debates will take place Sunday at 9 p.m. from Washington University in St. Louis. For 90-minutes, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will attempt to speak over each other in a town hall-style debate moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz.

If all of this is giving you as much anxiety as it’s giving us, it appears several local establishments have found a necessary distraction (in addition to booze on tap): Bingo. Or a game, as some candidate may assume, that is random luck, no skill and the person who interrupts by yelling the loudest takes home the grand prize.

Slumbrew Brewery in Assembly Row will be host to the Sunday Night Showdown bingo night while the debate is projected onto their walls. Prizes are guaranteed — even if you don’t — but the winning cards of the night will also take home Slumbrew swag and gift cards for food and beer. The brewhouse will also host the game night again for the third debate on Oct. 19. 15 Ward St., Somerville, slumbrew.com

Kings locations will host a bingo night of their own, using the candidates’ common catchphrases to fill their game card squares. Meanwhile the debate will be screened on each location’s’ 40-plus TVs throughout the bowling alley and bar so you won’t miss one single “Trumped-up, trickle down” card-stamping opportunity. All Kings locations, kingsbowlamerica.com

Following the success of their live tweet party for the first debate, AERONAUT Brewing Co. in Union Square adds a game of bingo to the mix for their second edition of “beer-splattered bloodsport.” Attendees are encouraged to tweet off with #AEROdebate, with the snarkiest tweets taking home some free swag while their 140-character burns are projected onto the brewery walls. Bingo wins will grant you some AERONAUT goods. 14 Tyler St., Somerville, aeronautbrewing.com