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The Foreman Forecast: Bad moon rising

Supporters hold signs during a rallyfor Donald Trump on Sunday in Las Vegas.
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If ever an election has been haunted, it must be this one. With Halloween at hand, the campaign trail seems to be overflowing with hexes, evil spirits and ghouls. Grab your garlic necklace: Here are my three things to watch in this last full week before the vote.

1)“PagingCarlosDanger”: Nothing but shrieks and screams – I suspect that’s what was going on behind closed doors at Camp Clinton when word came that the FBI had found more emails to investigate. Sure, it’s hilarious that the new info is tied to Anthony Weiner but I’m pretty sure Clinton loyalists are not laughing. All eyes will be on Director James Comey for any hint about how the investigation is coming along. It’s hard to imagine he can get through the whole week without expanding on the scant news so far, but it’s also hard to imagine he can fully resist the enormous political pressure from both Dems and Repubs to reveal more about what he knows – or suspects.

2)CountTrumpula: With his numbers down and Clinton rumbling through the battlegrounds, pundits were nearly ready to drive a wooden stake into Donald Trump’s campaign. But hold on – hear that noise in the basement? It’s alive! Invigorated by Clinton’s latest woes, Trump is sounding like himself once more and haunting the campaign trail. History says this is a really late hour for him to turn the tables yet again, but watch the polls – if he can push up within a point or two of her, the enthusiasm among his followers could make a difference. And trust me, they are still plenty excited about this chances.

3)Devil’sNight: For all the October surprises we’ve had so far I would not bet so much as a Snickers bar that its over yet. Make no mistake: This is one of the hardest hitting and meanest elections we’ve seen in decades and if either side has a last bucket of dirt, this will be the week they’ll let it fly.

CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of “My Year of Running Dangerously”

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