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The Foreman Forecast: New Year Straight Ahead!

The Foreman Forecast: New Year Straight Ahead!
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The champagne bottles have been tossed into the recycling bin, the confetti have been swept, and in D.C. all thoughts are turning to the next big party — the inauguration. Of course, not everyone will be celebrating, but still here are my three things to watch this week in politics.

TRAIN IN VAIN —The Trump train has been steaming through the news with ambitious plans for the president-elect’s first days in office, but Democrats are piling rocks on the tracks. They may not be able to stop Mr. Trump’s ideas cold, but they’d sure like to slow them down. As much as the president-elect has talked about dismantling Obamacare, bailing out of climate change agreements, and more, the Dems have been preparing a counter-strategy to make it as hard as possible. And while Congressional Dems will be working the hallways inside the Capitol, expect efforts to rally his opponents outside. My bet is they will try to cast a shadow on the inauguration festivities by underscoring the many millions of Americans who voted against him.

DREAM ON —Children of undocumented immigrants, the so-called Dreamers that President Obama tried to help with his executive powers, are bracing for Team Trump to reverse course making them vulnerable to deportation. And they’re not taking it sitting down. Across the country, they are joining forces with Democratic activists to stage protests and demonstrations ahead of the inauguration. More importantly, they are talking to lawyers. They may not yet be ready to roll out their legal strategy for staying, but watch for this group to make a lot more noise fast.

TWEET, TWEET —One of the bigger questions of the new year: Can anyone on Mr. Trump’s rapidly growing team contain his runaway Twitter habit? And should they? His tendency to fire off verbal rockets proved both a strength and weakness during his campaign, but now as he prepares to take the oath, watch to see if he keeps Tweeting at will – or finally gives his thumbs a rest.

CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of My Year of Running Dangerously.