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The Foreman Forecast: Position play


Sometimes it seems like every week of this election is the same as the last one – like Groundhog Day only scary and depressing. But trust me the process is creeping forward. You might need a sundial to time it, but still – here are my three things to watch this week in politics.

1) INQUIRING MINDS – Ever been around one of those really uncomfortable, bitter fights between best friends? Yea, well I guess we’re all in that situation now. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were once practically brothers from other mothers, but now it’s nothing but knives and hatchets. The dynamic duo’s painfully public brawl last week over wives, photos and alleged affairs was unseemly at best, but I suspect we’ve not seen the worst of it. That ringing sound? Just the bell between rounds.

2) FINAL COUNTDOWN? Make the popcorn and place your wagers. John Kasich will take another stab at challenging the Trump/Cruz lock on the lead at CNN’s Republican town hall Tuesday. Odds of him suddenly surging in the standings? The polls say pretty slim, but establishment Republicans looking for a contested convention are desperate for Kasich to not only hang in there, but to also make a good showing. Meanwhile, on the Dem side, Bernie Sanders may not be winning a lot, but he keeps forcing Hillary Clinton to look over her shoulder.

3) NO NUKES: The Nuclear Security Summit will bring dozens of reps from around the world to DC, but the hottest issue on the table will be a non-nuclear threat: ISIS. President Obama has taken heat over what some critics consider an occasionally middling response to the terrorist group, and the White House clearly wants to change that impression. Watch for the photo ops to be pushed hard, and some tough talk from POTUS is a sure bet.

(CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of My Year of Running Dangerously – which you should read. I mean, when you’re done with this.)

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