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The Foreman Forecast: Setting up shop

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Apparently‪Kanye West(who now says he would have voted for Trump if he’d voted) missed the memo about how endorsements are supposed to come before the election. Well, he may not have a working calendar but I do – so here are my predictions for what will happen this week in politics.

No“I” inteam.President-elect Trump was a kind of “Teflon Don” in his campaign; no matter what was flung at him it just didn’t seem to stick. Not true of his cabinetpicks. Democrats and Republicans alike who are uneasy about his plans have already been throwing mud at the folks he’s selecting for his team, and this week it will really be flying. Doesn’t matter if it is deserved. For the opposition, this is all about slowing Trump’s momentum…especially since his early picks look pretty hardline.

ReallywhiteChristmas.Even if you’re a candidate who made little effort to attract minority voters, heck – even if you outright offended some –it’s problematic to have white supremacists cheering too loudly when you win. But they are sure hooting for Trump. He and his team have repeatedly disavowed the support of racists, but watch for him to get more and more pressure to explicitly and strongly denounce them – and not just from his foes.

Whatsamatta U?Did I miss something? Didn’t Team Trump tell us all along there was nothing wrong with Trump University? Lots of questions will be swirling in the new week after word he’s agree to pay $25-million to settle fraud claims against the defunct school. Best bet is we’ll be told he was just trying to get it out of the way so he can focus on redecorating, and after all what’s $25-million to a guy with so much more? Critics will say it’s proof of all they said about his business record during the race…which will make them feel better even if, in practical terms, now it makes no difference.

CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author or My Year of Running Dangerously

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