The Foreman Forecast: Trump’s trifecta of trouble – Metro US

The Foreman Forecast: Trump’s trifecta of trouble

The Foreman Forecast: Trump’s trifecta of trouble
Ted Eytan/Creative Commons

As much as it may gall Democrats, plenty is going right for President Trump. The stock market is booming. Consumer confidence is up. Jobs are looking at least as strong as they were under President Obama. But three big sinkholes are opening by the White House, and this will be a good week to watch how deep and wide they could get.

1)THE RUSSIAN CONNECTION – I feel as if I am writing about the Russians all the time now, and this isn’t even an Olympics year! But every few days we get new details about ties between Team Trump and the Kremlin crowd, and the drumbeat is growing louder for investigators to be very tough. So far, there is no proof anyone broke any laws. But Democrats and some Republicans too are clearly wondering if the Russian probe can be the crowbar that cracks into Mr. Trump’s tax returns, his business records, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned.

2) FEELING POORLY – Even the White House admits, the rollout of Trumpcare did not go as hoped. Of course Democrats pushed back, but it was Republican objections that quickly put the president on defense. Watch for him to continue his role as Salesman in Chief with more private meetings, some campaign-style rallies, and a steady barrage of on-point messaging. Remember, this is about more than Obamacare. If he loses this, the first major legislative initiative of his term, questions will sprout like weeds about his ability – or lack of it – to unify his party to get anything done.

3)“YOUR HONOR, I OBJECT!” — Thewholesale firing of dozens of U.S. attorneys created a late week uproar in DC which will certainly spill over into the coming days. To be sure – presidents get to do this sort of thing. They have every right to put their own team into place. But the sudden nature of this move has opened the door for critics who are pouncing on every rash action by the new administration as evidence of turmoil.