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The Foreman Forecast: What have you done?


The Democrats controlling the U.S. House of Representatives “literally haven’t gotten anything done” since Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the gavel. Nada. Zippo. Goose egg. This was the gleeful announcement from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, as she pressed President Trump’s case that Democratic lawmakers are wasting time and tax money investigating him. Trump himself tweeted, “Zero is getting done … it is not possible for (Congress) to investigate and legislate at the same time.”

These are nice, strong, clear statements sure to delight the Trump base. They are also patently, provably not true. This is fake news being pushed by a White House that screams endlessly that such falsehoods are the damnation of America.

Let’s review the facts: Under Dem control since just January, the House has passed 235 pieces of legislation. 235! Sure, some of them were about little things, like naming post offices. But the Dems also tackled some major issues, approving measures to address ethics, campaign finances, government reforms, discrimination, gun safety, and global warming.

Why haven’t you seen the result of all this? Look at that list. Many of these are items the president’s party – the Republicans – don’t want. So when many of these measures reached the Republican-controlled Senate they were taken into backrooms and slowly smothered… presumably under a pillow embroidered with the words “Trump forever” or perhaps a MAGA fleece blanket.

Despite that, it is worth noting that 17 items approved by the Dems in the House, were also passed by the Senate Republicans; including legislation to end the government shutdown, to address a drought out west, and to deal with conservation issues. (And by the way, history has shown Congresses can quite easily handle day to day matters while investigating presidents.)

Now, I am not taking sides here. I’m paid to not care which party gets credit or blame for anything. But I’m also paid to follow the facts, and they say Team Trump is dead wrong on this matter. Democrats may not be taking the actions Trump wants. They may be pursuing investigations he loathes. But they are decidedly doing things; including things which could be his undoing. And that’s probably what all the White House griping is really about.



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