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The home slice advantage

In an effort to not cheese off possibly crusty Vancouver fans, Boston Pizza will change its name to Vancouver Pizza for the Stanley Cup finals.

Boston Pizza sprang into action following the Bruins’ 1-0 win Friday over Tampa Bay, ordering rebranding materials for all of its 62 B.C. locations.

The Grandview Boston Pizza changed its name to Vancouver Pizza yesterday afternoon.

The rest of the B.C. restaurants will be changed over by Wednesday’s opening game.

“Boston Pizza proudly supports the Canucks and does not want to be linked with Boston in any way for the duration of the playoffs,” said Bridgette Scott, general manger at the Grandview store.

B.C. restaurants will receive “Vancouver Pizza” banners to hang over their signs, and stickers to cover up Boston Pizza logos.

“As a proud Canadian company and a true fan of the game, it was only natural to show our full support to the Vancouver Canucks,” said Brad Bissonnette, director of regional marketing.

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