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The Live Feed: How the Seahawks beat the Patriots in real time

How the Patriots and Seahawks played out in real time:

4:05-Oh no, Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts on the call for CBS. I guess the network didn’t deem this a big game as they sent the C squad announcers.

4:07-8-yard catch and run for Aaron Hernandez on the 1st play, welcome back. Imagine if he could ever stay healthy for 16 games?

4:09-Patriots got one 1st down before they had to punt, nice pass deflection by the Seahawks on the 3rd down pass intended for Deion Branch.

4:12-Haha Vince Wilfork is offside on the 1st play but at least he got a free shot at Russell Wilson, Bianca will be happy about that.

4:14-3rd and 1, Wilson rolls out and finds Robert Turbin for a 6-yard gain and 1st down.

4:15-Illegal contact on Patrick Chung but it didn’t seem to work since Sidney Rice caught a 29-yard pass on him.

4:16-Seahawks are rolling now, pretty 22-yard pass from Wilson to Zach Miller.

4:18-Everyone’s favorite Twitter personality Brandon Spikes stuffs Marshawn Lynch for a 2-yard loss on 3rd and 1. After a false start by Seattle, they settle for a 34-yard field goal by Needham’s Steven Hauschka. Seahawks lead 3-0.

4:23-6-yard catch for Wes Welker, 100 straight games with a grab for New England’s award-winning comedian.

4:24-10-yard catch for Hernandez, Pats convert on 3rd down.

4:25-Breaking news: it’s raining in Seattle. Gorgeous 20-yard catch for Brandon Lloyd on the sideline. Even better, next play Brady hits Welker for a 46-yard touchdown. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas got burned doing his best Chung impression. 7-3 Patriots.

2nd longest TD catch for Welker’s career and it’s the 1st time this season the Seahawks have allowed a 1st quarter TD. 38 straight games with a TD pass for Brady.

4:31-Ugly high school type play by Wilson who waits too long to throw to Golden Tate, 6-yard loss.

4:32-No worries, Wilson rolls out and hits Doug Baldwin for 48 yards. That was Seattle’s longest pass of the season.

4:34-Yikes, Wilson should have been sacked a couple times but he managed to scramble for 9 yards.

4:36-Kyle Arrington is not having a good day so far. 24-yard touchdown catch for Baldwin as Arrington can’t stop him despite being right behind him. 1st TD the Pats defense has allowed in the 1st quarter this season. 10-7 Seahawks.

4:43-20-catch for Rob Gronkowski, remember him? Next play is an 11-yard catch for him, some hapless Seahawks defender bounced off him like nothing. Three straight catches for Gronk (this one 5 yards) and it’s 10-7 Seahawks after 1 quarter.

4:48-8-yard catch for Lloyd, 1st down. Brandon Bolden takes the next play (no huddle) for a 13-yard run.

4:49-3rd and 7, Welker makes an 8-yard catch over the middle. Perfection.

4:51-3rd and 1, Bolden gains 2 yards for a 1st down.

4:52-Brady almost gets picked off at the goal line when he tried to force it into Gronk. Hernandez was called for an illegal shift.

4:53-5-yard run then 2-yard run by Bolden gets it down to the 1-yard line.

4:54-Brady throws a fade to Hernandez and he leaps up to grab it. 15 plays, 80 yards. Hernandez’s 2nd TD of the season, Brady’s 10th. 14-10 Patriots.

5:02-11-yard run for Turbin, Lynch must be eating Skittles on the sideline. 15-yard catch for Turbin, who the hell is that guy?

5:06-Chandler Jones swats the ball out of Wilson’s hand before he can throw, Rob Ninkovich recovers it at the Seattle 47. 9 fumbles recovered by the Pats this season, most in the NFL. 4th forced by Jones.

5:10-Welker gets absolutely demolished by Brandon Browner although he held on to it and walked off the field. Still, he’s gotta be on Dream Street.

5:13-Let’s see Julian Edelman do that. Welker makes an 11-yard catch for a 1st down on 3rd down.

5:15-Brady has to throw is away after a bad snap.

5:16-Welker makes an 8-yard catch, Pats face 4th and 1 at the Seahawks 7.

5:19-After a timeout, Bill Belichick decides to have Stephen Gostkowski take a 23-yard field goal. 17-10 Patriots. I wish they went for it there but I’ll take the points.

5:21-9-yard catch for Leon Washington but Spikes should have tackled him for a loss. As a team, the Patriots still don’t tackle well at all.

5:25-Good pressure by Jones on Wilson helps force an incompletion.

5:26-Pats don’t take a timeout with under a minute left so the Seahawks make the incredibly dumb decision to pass it. Incomplete, broken up by McCourty. Compounding that, Seattle punter Jon Ryan drops the snap and gets tackled at the 24.

5:28-15-yard catch by Welker, Patriots waste time before burning a timeout (1 left). 1st and Goal at the 9 with 19 seconds left.

5:29-6-yard catch to Danny Woodhead down to the 3.

5:30-Brady waits too long to throw it to Gronk, incomplete in the end zone and he’s lucky it wasn’t picked off. Patriots ran one more play but it didn’t have a chance. Making matters worse, nobody was in the area so it’s intentional grounding and a 10 second run off which ends the half.

Patriots lead 17-10 but they should be up more, at least 10. Wilson has played well but if they can prevent him from keeping plays alive, they should be fine.

5:46-1st play of 2nd half: Another loss of 4 yards by Lynch as Spikes rocks him.

5:47-Ninkovich hits Wilson then Jones takes him down a sack. I’m pretty sure to celebrate, he did the Pee Wee Herman dance. Interesting.

5:48-Seahawks go 3 and out, great job the Patriots defense. Ryan bounces back with a 66-yard punt, Welker returns it 17 yards.

5:52-3rd and 6, great effort by Woodhead to get 7 yards on the run.

5:53-Great 27-yard diving catch by Daniel Fells, yes that Daniel Fells (his 2nd catch of the season).

5:54-3rd and 7, Brady dumps it off to Hernandez for a loss of 1. Sweet play Josh McDaniels. Gostkowski hits a 35-yard field goal to make it 20-10 New England.

5:59-11-yard pass to Lynch, 12-yard pass to Braylon Edwards. No Dougie for the former Jets great. Highlight reel fake man hug between Carroll and Robert Kraft before the game, Oscar-worthy.

6:02-Holding penalty on Breno Giacomini (a Malden native), his eyebrows could have their own zip code.

6:03-Tavon Wilson knocks down a prayer of a 3rd down pass from Wilson. So a guy that nobody had ever heard of, is already better than Chung. Proving as always that NFL draft experts (cough Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, etc.) don’t know anything.

6:06-3rd and 11, Welker gets a screen and goes 12 yards. Clutch, his 4th consecutive game with 100+ yards (8 catches today).

6:07-15-yard catch by Gronkowski over the middle.

6:08-2nd interception of the year for Brady, a terrible pass that was intended for Branch but had nothing on it. That gives the Seahawks some life when it looked like the Patriots were marching for another score.

6:12-Wilson is 2 of his last 8, that’s more like it after he misfires on 3rd and 3.

6:16-Some poor Masshole was shown in the crowd wearing a Pats jersey but no raincoat. He might be the only person in attendance without rain gear, well done sir.

6:18-3rd and 2, 6-yard catch by Gronkowski keeps the Patriots’ drive moving.

6:21-Seahawks get a stop on 3rd down but Jason Jones (who?) leads with his helmet when he hit Brady so it’s a gift 1st down for the Pats.

New England leads 20-10 after 3 quarters and they’ll have 1st and 10 from the Seattle 15 to start the 4th quarter.

6:24-Fouts with his first joke about Woodhead’s lack of height, ugh.

6:26-Brady throws another interception, this time to Earl Thomas in the end zone. It went through Welker’s hands just before he was about to be popped. Another bad throw from Brady.

6:28-Rice throws a pass to Tate, Chung gets called for pass interference. A 40-yard penalty. Remind me again why he starts?

6:30-Miller fumbles when Jerod Mayo punches the ball out, Wilson with the recovery. It’ll be reviewed.

6:35-23-yard catch by Lloyd although I’m not sure he knows you can run with it after catching the ball.

6:39-Gostkowski with another 35-yard field goal, Patriots lead 23-10.

6:42-When in doubt, just throw it up to whoever McCourty is “covering.” 51-yard catch plus 15-yard penalty on Spikes for unnecessary roughness (late hit) on Wilson.

6:44-Nice tackle by McCourty on Tate, shouldn’t they move him back to safety (like last season)?

6:45-4th down but 10-yard TD pass from Wilson to Edwards. Somehow Alfonzo Dennard was called for pass interference when he didn’t touch Edwards. The pass had nothing on it, Wilson was so lucky Edwards had time to readjust and catch it. Seahawks still alive, down 23-17 with 7:21 left in 4th quarter.

6:51-Pats chose to throw it on 1st down, Gronk tipped it and the Seahawks should have picked it off.

6:52-There we go, 12-yard gain by Woodhead on a screen pass. Also important that the clock is running, no clue why they threw it on 1st down. 8 different Patriots have caught passes today.

6:55-9-yard run for Woodhead, 1st down. He’s had a nice game (71 total yards) after Bolden left with a knee injury.

6:55-Again New England throws it on 1st down, this time Lloyd drops it.

6:56-Intentional grounding on Brady, he threw it to nobody while he went down.

6:57-Welker gets 10 on a screen on 3rd and 20, with another huge hit for his troubles. No way he doesn’t have a concussion in this game.

6:58-Good punt by Zoltan Mesko and coverage by Matthew Slater, Seahawks start on their own 10.

6:59-Rice hears McCourty’s footsteps and drops a catchable ball that would have been a 1st down.

7:00-Wilson throws it out of bounds before he got crushed by Vince Wilfork, big stop by the Pats defense. 3rd good punt return by Welker (16 yards) gives it to New England at their own 41. 1st and 10 with 3:02 left. Seattle has all 3 timeouts left and the 2-minute warning.

7:04-3 and out for the Pats yet again, Brady’s pass was short to Branch (who wasn’t past the first down marker anyway). Shane Vereen saves what might have been a punt return TD by Leon Washington.

7:06-9-yard run for Wilson and for some reason, Bill Belichick burns his last timeout.

7:07-Rice loses his footing and Wilson makes a bad pass, incomplete.

7:10-46-yard TD pass from Wilson to Rice. Don’t ask me why the Patriots only had nobody deep, they had to know Seattle was throwing there. Seahawks up 24-23 with 1:18 remaining. Best part of this meltdown is that the Patriots don’t have any timeouts left.

7:14-Good lord, this is getting stupid. Lloyd dove out of bounds for a long throw and hurt himself so he’s out now. What else can go wrong?

7:16-1st Seattle sack of the day makes it 3rd and 17. Hernandez drops the next throw, ballgame here on 4th and 17 from their own 13.

7:16-15-yard catch for Welker comes up 2 yards short. Carroll runs down the sideline and jumps into the arms of an assistant coach. Unreal, Patriots are 3-3 along with the Jets and Dolphins. Next week they host New York in a battle for first place in the AFC East. Who would have believed that a few weeks ago? Let’s hope Lloyd’s injury isn’t as serious as it looked.

Final: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23

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