The long and winding road to the Grey Cup - Metro US

The long and winding road to the Grey Cup

Mark Muench has become intimately familiar with the weather over the past five days.

Muench and a team of extended family set out to walk from Calgary to Edmonton for the Grey Cup, all for a good cause.

So far, Muench has raised almost $10,000 for Alberta Food Banks.

“Every community is really (into) it. They’ve all got events going on, they’re all rallying around it so the donations are great,” said Muench. “The (food) donations are staying with the area, and the money is going into the Alberta Food Bank Community Distributor at the end of the month.”

Organizations say the donations couldn’t come at a better time. “For our organization, while we do get funding from the United Way, we also have to fundraise because we don’t receive government funding,” said Marjorie Bencz, the Edmonton Food Bank’s executive director. “This type of initiative is really important to us.”

Muench will be accepting donations today at 96th Street and Jasper Avenue, and at Commonwealth?Stadium before the Grey?Cup game starts.

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