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The most dramatic ‘Bachelor’ eliminations — ever

Bachelor eliminations

No one said saying goodbye would be easy. But it sure does make for some good reality TV. Week after week, we’ve watched Bachelors and Bachelorettes say goodbye as they hone in on “the one.”

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Bachelor Ben is three break-ups away from potentially getting engaged. Throughout his season, he has proven himself to be one of the sweeter and more emotionally in-tune Bachelors in history. When it comes to sending the women packing, his break-ups have an extra level of respect and honesty to them than in seasons prior (cough Chris cough). He hasn’t led anyone on and he actually knows how to communicate.

As for the Bachelors that came before him? Well, not so much. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look back at the most dramatic eliminations and break-ups in “Bachelor” history.

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1. Rozlyn Papa in Season 14

In Season 14, Chris Harrison tells Rozlyn Papa that she needs to leave because of her “inappropriate relationship” with a staffer, who was also fired. Though Bachelor Jake Pavelka didn’t exactly initiate the break-up, it made for unforgettable TV. We’re shocked it took 14 seasons for a contestant to hook up with a producer considering all the time they spend together.

2. Tierra the Terrible on Season 17

Tierra the Terrible’s reign came to an end minutes after a major fight with AshLee Frazier. As the main instigator for drama and so-called “Tierra-trums” that also included crazy shenanigans like falling down stairs for Sean’s attention, she didn’t have the emotional maturity Sean was looking for in his wife.

3. DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft on Season 11

In a “Bachelor” first, Brad Womack broke up with both of the final two women on his first season of the show. He shocked the world when he ended things with DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, explaining that he felt neither really offered what he was looking for. It is better to be alone than be with the wrong one after all. And it’s actually refreshing that he didn’t force the relationships to continue or fall prey to the pressure to propose.

4. Jillian Anderson on Season 19 and Kylie on Season 18

The shocking thing is this has happened more than once! A couple women have misheard the bachelors, thinking they’ve heard their name during the rose ceremony, only to realize the Bachelor has said someone else’s name. It’s understandable how it happens — rose ceremonies take hours, you’ve maybe had one too many drinks, you’re exhausted, and you’ve been standing for hours. But these two incidents with Bachelors Juan Pablo Galavis and Chris Soules really take the cake for most embarrassing.

5. Katie on Season 5

Who wants a pity rose? It’s gotta be a slight bruise to the ego to learn that the Bachelor made a mistake in giving you a rose! When Jesse Palmer handed out the roses during his first rose ceremony, he gave the rose to Katie when he meant to say Karen. He explained the mishap to Chris and was able to get an extra rose. He also offered Katie the choice to leave or stick around to see how things go, and you know, get dumped again.

6. Kelsey and Ashley I on Season 19

It was a battle of the brunettes in the Badlands: Kelsey the widow vs. Ashley I. the Kardashian wannabe. Chris even prefaced this two-on-one date by saying, “Honestly, this is going to be really awkward because you couldn’t have two more different girls.” After some wine and conversation (where Ashley tells Chris all the women hate Kelsey, and then Chris tells Kelsey what Ashley JUST told him), he realized he couldn’t give the rose to either woman. He hops into the helicopter and the camera pans to both women stuck in the Badlands. Ouch.

7. Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney on Season 13

Jason Mesnick became a meme when he had to end things with one of the two women still standing, Melissa Rycroft or Molly Malaney. Just after ending things with Molly, Jason gave America a TV cry that we’ll never forget — and something Ben just may repeat this season. Jason pulls it together to propose to Melissa Rycroft shortly after. But fast-forward a few weeks later and Jason is calling off the engagement with Melissa on live television, and asks Molly for a second chance. Well-played, player.

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