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The no-shampoo hair-care regimen

Lather, rinse, repeat:?This hair-care regimen has been ingrained into our minds. But a trend has been bubbling up that negates everything that we know about shampoo — we might not need it.

According to Lorraine Massey, an “anti-’poo” activist, the sulfates found in regular shampoo are very damaging to hair. Instead of making hair clean, she says it only further dulls and damages hair. So her decision? No more shampoo. Massey hasn’t shampooed her hair with standard shampoo in 30 years.

Sulfates — i.e., the bubbles and lather that shampoo produces — agitate the hair and strip it of natural oils that keep our locks moist and healthy, Massey says. She just sticks to conditioner or uses the anti-shampoo formula, DevaCurl, that she made for her clients.

“I was a hairstylist. … So I’ve known what it was like to be a slave to what has been drilled into our heads since we have been young,” says Massey. “It’s important to go against the industry — and against the bubbles! Lather is not a cleansing agent.”

“Your hair is the greatest accessory you have,” Massey continues. “Put as much effort and care into your hair as you do your clothes. You will never regret it.”

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