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The only time Jay Z and Solange disagreed was in that elevator

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Jay Z would like to make sure you know that he and Solange are tight. She’s not just his “sister-in-law.” She’s his sister, point blank.

Oh, and also? The only time they have ever disagreed was the aptly named elevator incident — you know, that time when she kicked and punched and lunged at him in the elevator after the Met Gala. Just so we’re on the same page.

But in case you were hoping for some juicy reveal, let me just stop you right there and tell you it’s not going to happen.

Jay says that the 2014 elevator fight was just you know, standard family drama. “We had one disagreement ever. Before and after we’ve been cool,” he said in a recent interview “She’s like my sister. I will protect her.” Uh, protect her from what? Also, it seems like you were the one who needed protection, my dude. But, mmkay.

“We’ve always had a great relationship,” Beyonce’s husband added. “I fought my brothers and argued with my brothers my whole life. It just so happens, who we are, these things go into a different space. But it ain’t nothing.” OK, sure, whatever. The sir doth protest too much methinks.

But also? Jezebel makes a good point though — if it was just the standard family scuffle, why did Jay and Beyonce seem so unsurprised by it? I mean, family scuffles don’t’ happen that often, right? I don’t know, I have a sister and I’ve never once punched any of her boyfriends, so.


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