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The past is new again at The Address at High Park

Vintage references create a sense of inviting sophistication at The Address at High Park, proving the past can indeed be new again.

The model suite for this Bloor-West condo offering, designed by Chestnut Hill Homes, shows that combining modern, sustainable materials with retro sensibilities can create a space which is as hospitable as it is stylish.

Designer Andrea Kantelberg says she looked to fashion for inspiration in creating a style that intrigues as much as it invites.

“I looked at stylish people and how their fashion is never about one single style. I wanted to communicate that on a living level in this space,” Kantelberg said.

Decorative elements from past decades abound to give the space an innate sense of personality.

“The retro influences are based on wanting to introduce a vintage element into the space — that’s how the charm and soul comes in to bring personality into the space,” Kantelberg said.

Among the many “personality pieces” Kantelberg chose for the suite are dining and coffee tables from the 1970s and a vintage Danish high chair from the 1960s. It’s all about harnessing the comforting power of nostalgia to create an oasis of calm in the home, Kantelberg says.

“With the hectic lives that technology has brought us, there’s something warm and nurturing about nostalgia. It’s just a natural evolution of us wanting something more comfortable in our fast-paced lives,” Kantelberg said.

Since the building is located in the tree-rich High Park neighbourhood, Kantelberg made sure to incorporate many environmentally conscious elements into the design of the space, including kitchen countertops made of partially recycled materials and sustainable finishes throughout.

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