The Patriots NFL dynasty now likely to continue - Metro US

The Patriots NFL dynasty now likely to continue

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady actually do speak with one another still come to find out. Getty Images

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons said on a podcast recently that he believes that 76-year-old Robert Kraft is more or less a figurehead at this point in his tenure as owner of the Patriots. Given that Kraft spends far more time at chic parties in Los Angeles with his “young” girlfriend than he does at Davio’s at Patriot Place these days – you tend to wonder. But Kraft did and old school Kraft thing Monday – something that the Pats fan base desperately needed. Pats fans needed reassurance that this dynasty is not falling off the rails at a rapid clip, and Kraft provided a lot of that during a session with media in Orlando.

Kraft said that he met with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady (in the same room!) following this past season and that Belichick and Brady consistently speak with one another (they may even LIKE EACH OTHER STILL!)

“We had the meeting,” Kraft said. “Just to be clear, we have meetings all the time. We’re not a big bureaucratic organization.”

Kraft also said that he fully supports all of Belichick’s decisions and that he even saw Rob Gronkowski (who has been threatening retirement) in Foxboro “within the last couple of weeks.”



Rozier a good problem for Celtics

When talking about the Celtics’ young nucleus, most people stick to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. But Sunday night in Sacramento, Terry Rozier finally cemented his place in the C’s “Under 25 – Big 3.”

The 24-year-old Rozier shredded the Kings for 33 points, making 8-of-12 3-pointers. One could easily make the case that he’s the most improved player in the NBA this season.

The Celtics will have a big decision to make on Rozier soon though, as he’s eligible for a rookie-scale extension this offseason. The cap-crammed Celtics might even be forced to trade him this summer for pennies on the dollar.

That said, the demand for point guards in the NBA right now is far from high. In an era where “hometown discounts” do not exist in sports – perhaps the Celtics and Rozier figure out a way to make this thing work.

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