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The premier’s lesson in marine biology

B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell went on a boat ride and learned a lesson in marine biology on Earth Day yesterday.

The tour took Campbell to the new Vancouver Convention Centre to view its $8.3-million marine habitat skirt, which houses a sample of marine life in the intertidal zone.

John Nightingale, president of the Vancouver Aquarium, presented the premier with live starfish, sea cucumbers and crabs collected from Coal Harbour.

“The Dungeness crab was the coolest,” Campbell said. “I’ve never seen one before, and there it is in the middle of our ocean.”

The Liberals have pledged environmental initiatives to create economic opportunities. They aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2020, making it the most aggressive climate action plans in North America.

“We have to be thinking about our impacts on the environment every day of the year,” he said.

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