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The right equipment makes all the difference

Winston Churchill described golf as “a silly game played with weapons singularly ill-suited to the purpose.”

In truth, modern clubs and balls have advanced to the point where they can help even duffers hit it both longer and straighter.

But hold off for a while before spending serious money on new clubs. What if you decide golf isn’t the game for you?

Instead, borrow clubs from a friend or buy an inexpensive used set to use during your initial lessons.

You’ll know it’s time to plunk down for new clubs once you’re swinging in balance and hitting mostly solid shots. Even then exercise restraint. While a custom-fitted set of clubs by a top manufacturer might sell for thousands of dollars, a perfectly decent set of clubs can often be purchased on sale for $500 or less.

As always, seek out your pro for advice. By now he’ll have a good idea of your playing potential and which clubs are best suited to your game.

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