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The secret to your swing is keeping it simple

We’ll leave it to your teaching pro to explain the fundamentals of the swing. But a key thought for golfers of every level is to keep it simple and in balance.

Sweet-swinging Canadian golf legend George Knudson, who won eight times on the PGA Tour, believed that most golfers get so bound up in mechanics that they’re trying to force the swing to happen rather than to simply let it happen. A relaxed, Zen-like state of mind is a key component of Knudson’s philosophy.

Knudson taught that if a golfer starts in a balanced position and finishes his swing still in balance, then not a whole lot can go wrong in between.

Even simpler is the swing philosophy of our greatest amateur golfer, Marlene Stewart Streit, Canada’s only member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

“Smoothness, rhythm and balance. That’s all you need,” Streit says.

“If I ever write an instruction book, it will say the same thing on every page: ‘Smoothness, rhythm and balance.’”

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