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The secret vegetarians will never admit


Ah, vegetarians. The saviors of the world. The diligent dieters who avoid eating meat because it’s the right thing to do and they want you to feel bad about eating that animal flesh.
But vegetarians have a secret.
According to a poll out of the UK over a quarter of those who claim to be vegetarians eat meat when they’re drunk.
“U.K.-based discount code website VoucherCodesPro conducted a poll with 1,789 Brits who claim to be vegetarians and found that 37 percent of all respondents admitted to eating meat after they’ve had too much to drink,’” Fox News reports. “The majority of respondents (63 percent) said they stood by their personal dietary codes no matter how much they drink. But the majority of those polled who admit they’ve fallen of the vegetarian wagon while imbibing say it happens a lot.”
Surprised? Meh. Who doesn’t love a good drunk burger?

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