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The smoker vs the breathing guru

Karin Wertemberg is a 26- year-old who has smoked five cigarettes a day for the last three years. She’s tried quitting five times before but it didn’t stick. Her habit has left her gasping for air when she walks up the stairs, although she considers herself otherwise healthy. So we sent her to Alan Dolan, a “breathing guru” who claims his “breathwork is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with much needed oxygen and energy thereby enabling our own (often depleted) healing systems to bring about physical, emotional and/or psychological healing.” Maybe he can help her breathe better.

Wertemberg had this to say about her session:

“Alan started by loosening up my back, which felt great. Then I started to feel this tinkling feeling. It started somewhere around the upper chest, going out in the arms and made my head feel really dizzy. For a brief moment it was like I was on the verge of having an anxiety attack. It was like I couldn’t breathe, or like having too much wine in one go. The sensation moved out through the arms and into hands and fingers. I could definitely feel some energy flow going around, which was quite scary. Apparently, it was all my own doing. I was told to hold my hands on the lower abdomen, keep my mouth open and inhale deep to inflate the lower tummy like a balloon, then release.

It was hard to keep the breathing constantly flowing and effortlessly let the air out quickly. The breathing helped me relax and unblock tension in the body. Once it was over I felt relaxed and had a greater sense of center and focus. But the next day I didn’t feel much different. I feel no change whatsoever in my lungs.

I’ve smoked a bit less since the session, possibly because (of) the guru.”

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