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The sorcerer’s rock

For millions of dedicated muggles around the world, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” marked the end of an era. No more books, after all, means no more movies. But what will that mean for brothers Paul DeGeorge, 32, and Joe, 24, the front men of the original wizard-rock band, Harry and the Potters?

“We’ll keep going,” says Paul.

Performing mostly in public libraries and bookstores across the U.S., the brothers have been playing on an almost daily basis this summer, and they’re not going to let the end of the film installments slow them down after nine years. Because although Harry’s journey is over, his story continues to attract and inspire an entirely new set of fans.

“The best part is seeing seven, eight year old kids at our shows screaming back every word in our face, up front and singing along,” DeGeorge says. “Harry Potter sort of reached a new generation where there’s parents with young kids, and now they’re kind of indoctrinating their children early on and bringing them to these shows fully dressed up. It’s just a really cool feeling.”

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