The sound alone is all they need to get by

Drug Rug is about to go into hiding. The two core members, Tommy Allen and Sarah Cronin, have decided to take time off from performing to concentrate on their third album.

The band began in 2007 when Allen and Cronin were co-workers at the Middle East in Cambridge. They started a relationship that became both romantic and musical. Their output was a mix of feel-good classic rock and experimental weirdness, somewhere between the Grateful Dead and the Velvet Underground.

Over the years they added and subtracted musicians, until this winter, when they cut the lineup down to its core.

“We had to do that just to try to save some money,” says Allen. “But I really think we like having it minimal so we can really focus on singing … Sometimes having a loud band just makes you want to play louder.”

But when they perform on Wednesday, they’re going to be in all of that glorious full-band loudness.

“We’re not going to do a show for a long time,” says Allen, “so we should make it special.”

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