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The Word: Chris Brown is breeding, selling pit bull puppies

Chris Brown and his family are selling pit bull puppies online — for $1,000 a pop.

The media was tipped off to the pop star’s new business venture by his mother, who tweeted a link to the dog-selling site, along with a picture of Brown cuddling one of the puppies. A rep for the singer confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday that Brown and his family are indeed selling the 2-month-old pit bulls online. The publicist’s spin on the high price tag is that Brown, whom she defines as “an animal lover,” “wants to make sure the dogs go to a good home.”

Look, dog breeding is one thing. But breeding pit bulls? That’s especially irresponsible. According to recent stats from the Humane Society, 70 percent of dogs housed and euthanized in urban animal shelter systems are pit bulls. An even more depressing statistic from the Los Angeles Humane Society says that around 200 pit bulls in L.A. alone are euthanized every day due to over-breeding and lack of adoption opportunities.

The point being: Shelters are overrun with the breed, and thousands upon thousands are killed every year because no one will adopt them. And yet, Brown is selling each puppy for $1,000? Gross.

I’m channeling my inner Bob Barker when I say I’m pretty sure the way for Brown to show that he’s a true “animal lover” is to make sure his pets are spayed and neutered — and not to breed and then sell them on a website. Especially when, come on — does he really need the money?

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