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The Word: Jill Zarin’s about-face

A “Real Housewives” star debuted her seemingly fake face at the TV Land Awards last week, and now people are talking — but Jill Zarin insists she didn’t go under the knife. She just went under the needle.

“I have a liquid face-lift every six months,” Zarin tells People. “It really works. No knives!” A “liquid face-lift” is apparently a procedure involving Restylane injections along the jawline and up along the sides of your face, thus “lifting it.” It costs around $1,000 to $3,000 per visit.

And Zarin’s more streamlined nose? Makeup magic! Her makeup artist “put brown contouring makeup on my nose and thinned it out,” claims Zarin.

But she is willing to take more drastic measures, if it comes to it. “If I woke up with jowls, that’s it,” she tells the mag. “I’m going under the knife.”

Am I the only one who preferred Zarin’s old face? All of this plastic surgery is a terrifying slippery slope, friends. A procedure here, a lift there, and 10 years down the road she’s going to wake up looking like Carrot Top.

Sheen doesn’t get sole custody

Charlie Sheen lost a bid to win sole custody of his young sons from ex-wife Brooke Mueller due to her recent drug troubles, TMZ.com reported. The judge in the case ruled that the custody order should remain unchanged even though Sheen’s previous ex-wife, Denise Richards, whom he’s been bad-mouthing on his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour, has offered to step in and take care of the boys while Sheen tours and Mueller heads to rehab, according to TMZ. Sheen responded with a simple, “I’ll keep you posted” on the offer.

You know this is a huge mess when Denise Richards is the only person who seems responsible.

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