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The Word: Justin Bieber’s shirtless DJ booth attack

Justin Bieber DJ Michael Woods

OMG, you guys, this Twitter war currently being waged between Beliebers worldwide and DJ Michael Woods is freaking killing me. In an awesome way. ICYMI: Apparently, this past Saturday Justin “Can’t Make Me Wear a Shirt, I’m an Adult” Bieber got into a fight with Woods, who was DJ-ing a party at a South Korea nightclub. The reason for the fight? Biebs didn’t like the music Woods was playing. That’s not the funny part though. The funny part is the tweet that Woods sent out after said kerfuffle, which read as follows: “Story is @justinbieber + his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth half way thru my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop…”

Ahahaha. Justin Bieber. Muscled. Into the booth. Justin Bieber couldn’t muscle his way into a pair of Garanimals.

What I’m guessing happened is that Bieber rode into the booth high upon the shoulders of heavily muscled bodyguards, waving his sippy cup like a scepter, petulantly demanding rap music.

And I’m guessing Woods was all “uh, grown folk are working here, please exit my booth and also where is your shirt?”

(He also tweeted: “So when I told @justinbieber to f— off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security.”)

I’M DYING. He fled. Behind a wall of security. Also, I think this DJ Woods, who I did not know existed until now, might be my new favorite person. Dude’s funny.

At this point, I’m just curious as to why Justin Bieber is still allowed to go to things and places. Seems like no night is a good night when Bieber is in attendance.

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