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The Word: Madonna is wearing a grill now


You know that thing that happens when white people get ahold of something that cooler black people are doing, thereby rendering it instantly lame?

I’m pretty sure that Madonna has just done that thing to grills.

Because, uh yeah, Madge is wearing a grill now. Because, of course she is. Madonna refuses to accept the fact she is an old ass lady, and should not be taking her fashion cues from the likes of Lil’ Jon (or Miley Cyrus, who hammered the first nail in the grill coffin).

The 55-year-old pop star showed up for the unveiling of her new fitness club in Rome with a big old mouth full of metal in what could not be a more nakedly desperate attempt to remind us that she is still super relevant and totally hip to what all the kids are into. (I’m not entirely down with what all the kids are currently into myself, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Madonna.)

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