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The Works: ‘Something for everyone’

The city’s core is awash in multi-coloured paint, splattered on canvas and creations by an army of city artists, who are giving Edmonton The Works.

Hundreds milled through a maze of tents at Churchill Square as live music filled the air yesterday, which didn’t surprise festival volunteers, having welcomed thousands wandering through the festival over the weekend.

“It’s getting bigger every year,” said The Works spokesman Glyn Evan-Percy, adding attendance is expected to increase by about 10 per cent over last year. “There’s literally something for everyone, every day.”

Stormclouds overhead weren’t enough to keep art enthusiasts away yesterday afternoon, where organizers incorporated traditional arts, activities, and culture into the festival for National Aboriginal Day.

“We’ve got powwow, speakers, and a lot of components centred around aboriginal traditions,” Evan-Percy said.

The festival runs until Canada Day, with workshops, food vendors, live performances and featured works from more than 400 local artists.

The Works is the largest art and design festival in North America. Sites are spread over 30 locations across Edmonton, most operating at no cost to the public.

“It’s a great way for artists like me to come out and get some exposure and for people to see my work,” said burgeoning artist and festival newcomer Rhianne Ireland.

Most pieces featured are available for purchase, prices ranging from a few dollars to thousands.

“The market isn’t really geared toward people buying art right now,” Ireland said. “I get so much more than money in return — it’s worth it.”

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