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The worst Oscar dresses of all time

1. Anne Hathaway, 2013
Last year, Hathaway was rocking it in the dress department all awards season long, winning every prize she could for her portrayal of Fantine in “Les Miserables.” The anticipation was high for her Oscar gown (her winning the Best Supporting Actress statuette was a given). So when she stepped out of the limo wearing … this … everyone was perplexed. As it turns out she was to wear Valentino, but when she learned Amanda Seyfried’s gown was similar to hers, she switched it up at the last moment to this shapeless Prada disaster.

2. Geena Davis, 1992
Geena Davis could become the first female president of the United States and this dress will still be mentioned in her obituary. She wore this mullet gown (with black hose!) when she was nominated for her role in “Thelma and Louise.” It still hurts us to look at it.

3.Angelina Jolie, 2000

Remember when Saint Angelina was actually goth? Those were the days. The actress wore this Morticia Addams-lite frock when she accepted her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in “Girl, Interrupted.” That night she also open-mouth-kissed her brother. So, you know, no place else to go but up.

4. Kate Hudson, 2001

Guys. This is just the best. The best! Kate Hudson was only 21 at the time (she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Almost Famous”) but this getup makes her look at least 60. And at least like she’s auditioning for the Grand Ole Opry. When she (very-rightly) landed on everyone’s worst dressed list, she called up Stella McCartney, who designed the dress. “I called Stella and we just laughed our arses off and she said to me, ‘Look, babe, it was the hair wasn’t it?’” she remembered years later. Yes — it was the hair.

In defense of Bjork

Bjork, 2001 Bjork’s infamous swan gown from 2001 is constantly on everyone’s “worst-dressed Oscar dresses of all time” list. That shouldn’t be so. It was not bad or ill-fitting or a bad fashion choice. It was a freaking work of art! There’s a big difference between the two.

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