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Theater Review: ‘WTC View’

SoHo. It’s not Ground Zero, but it was close enough if you lived there in the dark days of September 2001.

Take freelance photographer Eric (Nick Lewis), around whom “WTC View,” at 59E59, revolves. Looking to populate a bedroom that once had a view of the Twin Towers, he seems to be doing fine as he interviews a string of candidates to split the rent. But he’s smoking again, and a hint of hysteria lurks beneath the surface. Both his close friend, Josie (Leah Curney), and ex-boyfriend, Will (the unseen voice of Jay Gaussoin), think he’s hiding something. They’re right.

For all its underlying anguish, “WTC View” has an airy quality, reinforced by the parade of would-be roommates who traipse through the bedroom to let. Eric’s plight is neither trivialized nor over-dramatized. His struggle unfolds through a series of one-on-ones that are believable and unforced. As Eric, Lewis is onstage pretty much nonstop and keeps us engaged throughout.

Make that almost throughout, through no fault of the actor. The drama, at close to two hours with no intermission, is too long. Once Eric’s secret is revealed, a quick wrap-up and exit stage left are all we need. But playwright Brian Sloan slogs on through three more scenes that seem to take forever. He deserves much credit for delivering a play with flow and characters with spirit. Now he just has to learn when to stop.

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