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Their work is never quite done

With winter on the horizon, the Edmonton construction season prepares to wind down for the year.

Transportation department general manager Bob Boutellier took the occasion to reflect on the progress of the past year.

“If work couldn’t be done in a certain area, we would move crews to a new neighbourhood,”?said Boutellier. “We had to work overtime and weekends, whatever it took. We are behind on Quesnell. We expected to have it done and in service at the end of this month. (It) will be done by the middle of next summer.”

Over the past year, Edmonton’s transportation department was able to use $88 million towards the complete reconstruction of sixneighborhoods.

Federal stimulus funding and the Neighborhood Renewal Tax helped contribute financially to the large amount of work completed in the city.

“This money will not slow down,” said Boutellier. “The only thing that will slow us down is capacity or if we cannot get work done because of weather; it won’t be money.”

In addition to the multiple neighborhood projects and work on the Quesnell, many other projects were completed. A record amount of paving was completed and arterial routes were upgraded.

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